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zum Inhalt springen Altmarkt square Schmalkalden - View of St. George`s Town Church © Sascha Buehner

Fun Fact

The Luther House also marks the starting point of the Tambach-Dietharz stage of the Luther Trail, allowing hikers to follow the same path Luther did in 1537.

The City

Schmalkalden is one of LutherCountry’s most picturesque examples of half-timbered architecture, its Old Quarter offering a rare and precious example of medieval town planning. Its narrow, cobblestoned alleyways wind their way from square to square, lending the entire city a romantic, old-world feeling. The historic Town Hall is the crowning jewel of this quaint little town; comprising three different buildings, the oldest part of the Town Hall dates back to 1419. The foyer makes town history all the more tangible, featuring each member of the Schmalkaldic League’s coat-of-arms, as well as a bust of Martin Luther.

© Tourist-Information Schmalkalden

Luther House

The Luther House in Schmalkalden was built around 1520 as an impressive example of half-timbered architecture. Its façade is decorated with an ornate swan memorial dating back to 1687, reminding passersby of the meetings of the Schmalkaldic League and the publication of Luther's Schmalkaldic Articles of Faith – all events which took place inside these very walls!

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© Jessica Mintelowsky, Thuringia Tourist Board

Wilhelmsburg Castle

This jewel of the Renaissance was built between 1585 and 1590. With most of its original landscaping and architecture still intact, it is now home to the exhibition “Dawn of a New Era”, a fantastic look at local history, the Reformation, and life at court.

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© JD Andrews, EarthXplorer Media

St. George’s Town Church and Lutherstube

Located in the heart of Schmalkalden’s historic Old Town, this church is a place of worship, reflection, silence, and prayer; in fact, one could even argue it’s the most beautiful late-medieval church in southern LutherCountry. It is said that Luther himself visited the church’s former vestment chamber, now known as the “Lutherstube”, to warm up before service on a cold February morning in 1537. Today, guests are encouraged to attend one of the church services and visit the small church museum inside the Lutherstube.

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