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zum Inhalt springen Altmarkt square Schmalkalden - View of St. George`s Town Church © Sascha Buehner


"You have as much laughter as you have faith."

Martin Luther

The Luther Connection

Martin Luther visited Schmalkalden many times in his life, a quaint little town which also marks the beginning of the Luther Trail. Most importantly, Luther came here to lead a special meeting of the Schmalkaldic League which resulted in far-reaching changes that are still relevant to church practices today.

Schmalkalden © Jens Hauspurg, Thuringia Tourist BoardTown Hall of Schmalkalden © Sascha Buehner, Tourist Info Schmalkalden

The Schmalkaldic League, an association of 16 Protestant princes sworn to defend one another against Catholic opposition, assembled in the Schmalkalden Town Hall in 1537. The assembly, or diet, was led by Martin Luther and Philipp Melanchthon and represented a roll call of Europe's rich and famous, totaling 42 Evangelist theologians. The Articles of Faith presented by Luther during the meeting were incorporated into the Evangelical church’s Book of Concord. Today, priests are still ordained using the Schmalkalden Articles of Faith.

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