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zum Inhalt springen UNESCO World Heritage “Classical Weimar” © Maik Schuck, Thuringia Tourist Board


In 1540, Luther wrote to his wife that he enjoyed staying in Weimar:

"... I'm doing well here. I eat like a Bohemian and drink like a German, thanks be to God for this. Amen."

The Luther Connection

Martin Luther was a regular visitor to Weimar, one of the earliest cities to embrace the Reformation. The gorgeous St. Peter and Paul Church is just one of Weimar’s many UNESCO Heritage sites and home to the legendary Cranach triptych altar; begun by Lucas Cranach the Elder in 1552 and finished by Lucas Cranach the Younger after his father’s death, this breathtaking work of art is one of the world’s most stunning relics of Reformation history. Another one of Weimar’s must-see Luther sites is the Lutherhof; built in 1492, this house once belonged to friends of the Great Reformer and thus served as his home-away-from-home when he visited Weimar. The building is now home to a museum dedicated to Johannes Daniel Falk, the writer, diplomat, and social worker who dubbed the building “Lutherhof” in 1821.

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Cranach House in Weimar © Ralph Kallenbach, Weimar GmbHFormer Franciscan Monastery © LutherCountry