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zum Inhalt springen UNESCO World Heritage “Classical Weimar” © Maik Schuck, Thuringia Tourist Board

Insider Tip

The Duchess Anna Amalia Library only allows a certain number of guests per day, which is why we recommend reserving your tickets well in advance when traveling with larger groups!


In 2016 (Apr. 24 – Aug. 28), the State Exhibition “The Ernestines” can be visited inside the Weimar Town Palace and New Museum in Weimar.

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Tourist Information Weimar

Markt 10
99423 Weimar
+49 (0) 3643 745 0


Am Frauenplan ***

Call +49 (0) 3643 49 44 0

BEST WESTERN PREMIER Grand Hotel Russischer Hof ****S

Call +49 (0) 364 37 740

Dorint Am Goethepark Weimar ****S

Call +49 (0) 364 387 20

Hotel Anna Amalia ***S

Call +49 (0) 3643 49560

Hotel Elephant

Call +49 (0) 364 380 20

Hotel Kaiserin Augusta ***S

Call +49 (0) 3643 2340

Leonardo Hotel Weimar ****

Call +49 (0) 364 372 20


Goethe National Museum

Schiller Museum

The Duchess Anna Amalia Library


Bauhaus Museum

Liszt House

House Hohe Pappeln

Buchenwald Memorial


Town church of St. Peter and Paul

St. Jacob's Church

Guided Tours

Group City Tours

Multimedia City Tours

City Tour on the Historical Belvedere Express

Group City Tour "On the Trail of Reformation"

Bauhaus Walk

Accessible Guided Tour


Goethe House

The Weimar Museum

German National Theatre

St. Jacob's Cemetery

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Facilities accessible to those with walking impairments or who require a wheelchair

Aides for the deaf and hard of hearing

Aides for the blind and visually impaired

Services available in English

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