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zum Inhalt springen Bach exhibition in the castle in Koethen © Christian Ratzel, Koethen Culture and Marketing GmbH

Fun Fact

Martin Luther and Johann Sebastian Bach shared more than a love of music! Luther was a choir boy and later preached (1521) in Eisenach's St. George's Church, the very same church where Bach was baptized (1685) and sang in the choir over a century later.

The Sound of Faith

Martin Luther himself said: "Next to the Word of God, the noble art of music is the greatest treasure in the world". In fact, the Great Reformer was the first person in church history to place music on the same level with theology. It's no wonder, then, that LutherCountry has such a rich musical heritage with strong ties to the Reformation.

Eisenach is an ideal starting point for exploring the connections between theology and music in this region, considering it was the former residence of Martin Luther and the birthplace of Johann Sebastian Bach. Home to the Luther House and Bach House, Eisenach welcomes you to encounter two sons of LutherCountry in authentic places and discover the many aspects that connect the two. For example, Luther and Bach both spent their childhood years in Eisenach; although separated by over a century of history, they both went to the same school and sang in the St. George's Church choir. Today, this church also hosts organ concerts Monday-Saturday at 11 a.m. from July to September.

From Eisenach, we recommend making your way to Muehlhausen to visit the beautiful Divi-Blasii Church. Here, you can attend yet another inspiring organ concert played on the very same organ that Bach once played! Weimar, one of the earliest cities to embrace the Reformation, is another must-see city when it comes to the Reformation and music. In addition to its many UNESCO World Heritage Sites, Weimar is also home to the St. Peter and St. Paul Church, which houses a breathtaking Reformation altarpiece painted by Lucas Cranach the Elder and an organ that Bach once played.

Follow the sounds of faith through LutherCountry and discover its many cultural treasures in our brochure "Adventures in LutherCountry."