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zum Inhalt springen Luther and von Bora in front of the Theses door © Juergen Blume, IMG Sachsen-Anhalt

Fun Fact

Katharina von Bora was Luther's better half and responsible for their house, six children, and their livestock. Check out delicious recipes dating back to Katharina's time here.

Female Voices of the Reformation

We all know the saying: Behind every great man is a great woman. And while nowadays women are changing the world from the frontlines, the Protestant Reformation is a perfect example of this age-old adage. Its success was not only due to the hard work of better-known (male) Reformation heroes like Martin Luther and Philipp Melanchthon, but also to the many, oftentimes unsung, female heroines of that era. Katharina von Bora, Luther's beloved wife, was one of these women. Luther trusted Katharina in ways unheard of in those days, allowing her to deal with his publishers and naming her his sole heir.

Go on a tour of some of LutherCountry's most beautiful cities and immerse yourself in the untold stories of women's roles in the Reformation. In Lutherstadt Wittenberg, for example, you can follow in Luther's footsteps by visiting authentic sites like the famous Castle Church and its memorial bronze doors. Halle (Saale) and Lutherstadt Eisleben are two more must-see LutherCities where you can have the exclusive pleasure of meeting a local female pastor who is ready to share her own experiences and discuss the role of women in the German church. It's time to let the female voices of the Reformation be heard!

This, of course, is just one suggestion of how to spend an unforgettable vacation to LutherCountry! For more suggestions, please take a look at our "Adventures in LutherCountry" brochure!