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zum Inhalt springen Beer garden in Erfurt © Andreas Weise, Thuringia Tourist Board

Interesting facts

On this page we have compiled some exciting and amazing facts about Martin Luther.

Be surprised!

»The Melanchthon Watch

The worlds oldest still working pocket watch belonged to Philipp Melanchthon, one of Martin Luther's closest friends. 

Have a closer look.

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»The Escape from the Monastery

Katharina von Bora left the monastery, but do you know why?

Apparently she had read the writings of her future husband Martin Luther in which he denounced the misdeeds of the monastery. She apparently felt confirmed in her own criticisms, because she then fled the convent, supported by Luther, with other fellow sisters, hidden in barrels of herring.

More details about Katharina von Bora, later known as Katie Luther here

»The Weimar Altar Piece 

Above the altar in the church of St. Peter and Paul in LutherCity of Weimar, all Luther fans will find a unique work of art by Lucas Cranach the Elder and the Younger. 

Learn more about it

»The first Bible Reading 

In 1504, Martin Luther was a student in LutherCity Erfurt. When he found a complete copy of the Bible in the library there, he was so fascinated that he even learned Hebrew in order to understand it better. Since it was important to him that all people could read the Bible, he later translated it into German.

More about the Augustian monastery in Erfurt.

»The "Tower experience" (Turmerlebnis)

Luther moved into a study room in the south tower of the Augustinian hermit monastery in Lutherstadt Wittenberg. Here, after years of doubt and searching, he attained inner certitude and the realization that man is justified before God by virtue of his faith. This spiritual insight is also referred to as the "Reformation turning point" because it significantly determined and changed Luther's theology. 

More about the former Augustian monastery in Lutherstadt Wittenberg.

»Christmas Songs by Martin Luther

Reformer Martin Luther, a prolific hymn writer, considered music, and especially German-language hymns, as important means of developing faith. Especially at Christmas time we come across his texts again and again. Some examples are: “From Heaven Above to Earth I Come”, "To Shepherds as They Watched by Night” or “We Praise You, Jesus, at Your Birth”. A well-known Christmas carol, however, was incorrectly attributed to Martin Luther "Away in A Manger". He was thought to have written it for his children, but in fact it was written 300 years after his death.

Learn more about his hyms and translations.