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zum Inhalt springen Altenburg Castle © Maik Schuck, Thuringia Tourist Board

Martin Luther Quotes

Martin Luther was not only a great reformer but also a man of many wise words.

"Prayer well prayed is study half completed."

"The Scriptures [Bible] are a little herb that smells all the sweeter the more you rub it between your fingers."

"Christians ought to be [...] meek, kind and loving; they should be those in whose company their fellows are glad to walk, not weighing the errors of their fellow men in the jeweller's scales but turning them towards virtue."

"A Christian is one who feels no hatred or enmity to any man or woman, one who has in his heart no rage or vengefulness but only love, gentleness and kindness."

"Music is a ruler of all emotions in the heart. There is nothing on earth more powerful in making glad those who are sad and sad those who are glad, in putting new heart into the despondent, than in music."

"We should labour as if we would live for ever, and yet be of a mind as if we were to die this very hour."

"What is God to do with us? We cannot endure good times and cannot bear hard times. If he gives us glory and riches, we become proud; if he gives us poverty, we despair."

"The world is filled with daily wonders."

"It is better to spend your whole time in the fear of God than to torment yourself with the fear of things to come."

"I eat and drink as it pleases me and shall die when it pleases the Lord."