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zum Inhalt springen Cranach Courtyards in Lutherstadt Wittenberg © Joerg Glaescher, IMG Sachsen-Anhalt

Fun Fact

Both Lucas Cranach the Elder and Lucas Cranach the Younger signed their paintings with a winged snake, their family emblem. Therefore, it can be quite difficult to tell their paintings apart.

Brushstrokes of Faith in LutherCountry

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then this tour through LutherCountry is worth a thousand memories. The adventure begins in Lutherstadt Wittenberg, a city particularly influenced by Luther and the Reformation. Highlights include the Castle Church and St. Mary's Church, home to Cranach the Elder's famous Reformation Altar. You can also use this opportunity to visit the Luther House, which provides detailed information about Luther's life as well as unforgettable looks at authentic Cranach pieces.

Next on the agenda is a stop in Lutherstadt Eisleben, the location of Luther's Birthplace and Death House, before heading to the UNESCO city of Weimar, home to the Cranach House, Cranach Gallery, and the final resting place of Cranach the Elder. Gotha and the Cranach Collection in Friedenstein Castle is another definite "must" on this tour, as is a quick stop in Erfurt to tour the Augustinian Monastery where Luther once lived.

Conclude your tour with stays in Schmalkalden and Eisenach, whose Wartburg Castle promises to be a special highlight; here you can visit the famous Luther Cell ("Lutherstube") as well as a fabulous collection of Cranach paintings.

For more tour suggestions, please take a look at our "Adventures in LutherCountry" brochure!