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#TestingLutherCountry Report


From October 24 to November 1, 2018, “tester” Ken Chitwood and his traveling companion (his dad Rob) traveled through LutherCountry in an Avis rental car to finally, and most importantly, tell us all about it from the perspective of a North American.
Was traveling to Germany and visiting LutherCountry worth it? What were the highlights? And was it what you expected?

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Find out how Ken rated the #TestingLutherCountry trip. Spoiler alert: Of course, the exclusive overnight stays at Wartburg Castle and the Augustinian Monastery in Erfurt among others, the delicious food and drink, and the annual Reformation Festival in Lutherstadt Wittenberg definitely helped. 

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How all began

In June, we issued a call for applications for #TestingLutherCountry – a fully paid trip sponsored by LutherCountry. The sole condition was to “test” the LutherCountry destinations and report on them! We received dozens of creative and enthusiastic applications and selected the ideal candidate after interviewing the three finalists. Ken Chitwood, a traveler at heart and Lutheran to the core, is a well-versed and forward-thinking pastor and speaker who became the LutherCountry “tester” in 2018.

Learn more about #TestingLutherCountry at www.kenchitwood.com
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Enjoy reading about Ken and Robert's trip: