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Testing LutherCountry


As our LutherCountry “tester” we will send you and a traveling companion of your choice to LutherCountry on a nine-day road trip with a rental car to eight LutherCities! Together, travel along Luther’s trail from October 24 to November 1, 2018, and “test” the historical towns you visit: discover what already stood there in 1517 and what has changed since. Come see. Experience. Reform your world and become our LutherCountry "tester"!

We will cover the following costs for you and your traveling companion:

  • flights from an airport in North America to Germany and back;
  • eight overnight stays in a double room, including breakfast, in various medium-class hotels in LutherCountry;
  • a rental car (automatic car) for the entire trip;
  • admission to a number of museums, tourist attractions, and guided tours;
  • a number of meals in restaurants; and
  • an amount of €500 in pocket money (for fuel, meals, and coffee breaks).


Just like a blogger, you will be testing and reviewing LutherCountry. We will provide you with a comprehensive itinerary and a self-drive rental car. You will record your memories of every LutherCity in videos, photos, and texts, and share your personal experiences during and after the trip with us. We will use the material to document your stay for LutherCountry fans. We will post your photos and reviews on our social media and other channels. This is why we expect your registration to make an impression!

In the course of your trip to LutherCountry you will send us:

  • photos of the trip;
  • videos of LutherCountry;
  • your travel experiences and opinions of the LutherCities; and
  • your personal highlights and special experiences.

› The Testing LutherCountry travel itinerary


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