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zum Inhalt springen City Church St. Peter & Paul with Cranach altarpiece in Weimar © Maik Schuck, Weimar GmbH


"We are saved by faith alone, but the faith that saves is never alone."

Martin Luther

Group Travel

The trick to planning a trip to a foreign country is finding the perfect balance between sightseeing, entertainment, and relaxation. The pressure is high not to miss any of the must-see attractions (and don't they all feel like must-sees?), while simultaneously finding time to taste the local cuisine, perhaps take in a play or concert, and somehow truly experience the local culture. This pressure increases exponentially when planning for an entire group, as it is often hard to find a happy medium that satisfies different tastes and interests. Luckily, this section provides you with the contact and tour information you need to plan the perfect Reformation-themed trip to LutherCountry!

Join a Group Tour

Would you like to join another group on their journey through LutherCountry? Then we recommend getting in touch with one of the experienced US-based tour operators specialized in trips to LutherCountry. Our database allows you to browse through a list of experienced American tour operators and their current tour offers with different travel dates; they'll be happy to help you plan your magical LutherCountry experience!

Plan a Group Tour

Would you like to experience LutherCountry with your own private group? Are you a tour operator wanting to plan and offer trips to LutherCountry? Then you're in the right place! There are myriad unique and exciting LutherCountry tours offered by a number of inbound tour operators who are experts when it comes to Martin Luther and the Reformation. These tours include fascinating regional highlights and in-depth insights into the people and places of the Reformation. Tour topics range from the connections between the Reformation and art to special musical, cultural or outdoor themes. For more detailed information, please read our "Adventures in LutherCountry" brochure!

If you are planning to organize and lead your own group tour and need officially-certified tour guides, who speak excellent English, please check the "Lutherfinders" website. There are different guides for different cities, but all are experts when it comes to Martin Luther.

Special tip: If you're a tour operator or wish to plan a LutherCountry trip for your own group, register here to make use of our special services, like a list of reliable incoming agencies!

Are you a professtional Tour Planner? 

Please log into our Tour Operator Area for B2B information. If you would like to receive a list of German Incoming Operators please send an e-mail to visit-luther@tourcomm-germany.com and a staff member will take care of your requirements.